Idlegcy is a provider of services and software in Europe who wants to help companies, organisations and governments treat the digital identities of as many people as possible with the utmost care and respect; from the day they are born until their passing. The name “idlegcy” is a short version of “identity legacy”. The name refers to the impact which the use or misuse of personal data can have on the person’s identity in a digital world. We try to give a better answer to the question “How am I perceived (digitally) when I am gone?”. It all comes down to how the personal data is stored and used throughout our lives and later.

Problem and goal

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that entered into force on 25 May, every natural person has the right to several activities relating to personal data, including to get an overview of the data collected on the person in a private or public organisation, access, transfer, change or delete these. Also, the regulation places greater responsibility and burden on each company or organisation, who processes the personal data of the European Union citizens. This is a step towards better control over the protection of the digital identity of a natural person.

Belgian company idlegcy NV decided to create the world’s first web platform, which enables natural persons to manage their personal data saved in the vast expanse of the internet or by private or public organisations centrally, from one location.

Our goal in the first stage was to complete MVP in a very short time (2 weeks), to give it over for the use of other companies of the customer (Commanity, DIA Technologies, Forte, FunkyTime, idlegcy, Institute 4.0, the ISM4.0 Summit, People 4.0, and Participium). Despite a very tight schedule, we managed to achieve the goal and the initial feedback was very good.

Progress, technical solution of the project

As a result of good cooperation the web app idmanager was completed, enabling natural persons to contact each data collector through one point-of-entry instead of making several contacts. The environment helps to consolidate the user accounts created in organisations, i.e. enables a natural person to inquire, change or delete personal data saved in web environments and organisations in a fast and convenient way through one central web solution. Idmanager is also an efficient solution for every organisation collecting the data, for the swift and convenient alignment of the clients’ data with the GDPR, saving resources, which would otherwise be required for alternative manual work.

“The name idmanager defines its essence exactly – it is an app that helps a person to manage their identity. Information and data kept on you in different systems and by different organisations define how you are perceived digitally. Your identity is the total sum of these perceptions. Administration of your data and limiting their misuse is becoming increasingly important in ensuring the protection of your digital identity. This is also why we have created an app, which enables everyone to manage and check the use of their data and digital identity in a fast and convenient way from one place,” says Jan Lagast, managing partner of idmanager.

I was looking for developers from Belgium and Estonia for one of our key products. From a distance, all developers look similar, but for me, one of the most important factors in choosing software developers was that they were able to think from the business point of view and understand the idea. Most companies only talked about themselves, but AgileWorks immediately understood my business idea and today, having received the software, I can say that my original idea has indeed been successfully implemented.
Jan Lagast, Managing Partner Participium, idmanager —
Jan Lagast

Client communication and project management

idlegcy has been a bold customer with an innovative idea and agile and proactive approach. Our cooperation was smooth from the very start and we could feel the similarity of approach: input at the agreed time, frequent communication, demos; fast and effective method without sacrificing quality for speed.

It may be said that good people from both sides got together – the strongest developers and designers from our side, and a very good product and project manager from the customer’s side. Only then is it possible to achieve the desired result in 2 weeks.

This is also a perfect example of the irrelevance of distance in software development. If the team is good the distance is never an obstacle in achieving the best results. Online project management environments, Skype and continuous access to the work results through web environments remove any physical barriers.

Current situation and what next

At the moment, the app is still in use by other clients of the customer (Commanity, DIA Technologies, Forte, FunkyTime, idlegcy, Institute 4.0, the ISM4.0 Summit, People 4.0, and Participium) and their feedback as well as media coverage has been positive. There is interest in and need for the product.

We continue our cooperation and next we intend to develop functionalities, which also enable all private persons as well as companies, who wish, to use the app.

You can find the app at and it is free for natural persons.

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